Sports and Swimming


The school has its own small pool that is uses to teach the fundamentals of swimming.  During the season, classes go swimming daily.  We ask that parents provide children with suitable togs that are named.

Children with open sores etc. will not be permitted to swim for health reasons.

Parents are welcome to come and watch lessons.

Remember that swimming is a very important part of the school’s physical education programme.  Children must also wear a swimming cap.

We now have the use of the new Town Pool and senior swimmers are able to have daily instruction there during Term 1.

Swimming Club takes place at the Town Pool on Monday nights.


Parents are actively encouraged to see their children play some form of sport.

The school has very strong rugby and netball teams that are run by willing parents during the winter months.  All practices are taken out of school hours or lunchtimes.

The school provides pupils with sporting opportunities that are available in the Northern Wairoa area.