School Rules and Behaviour

School Rules:

These are kept to a minimum as follows:
1.   Respect yourself, other people and their property
2.  Out of bounds areas are behind the senior block, the car parks and  the dental clinic area
3.  No-one to leave the school grounds without permission from a staff member
4.  Sweets, bubble gum or chewing gum are not permitted at school
5.  Appropriate behaviour/language is expected at all times
6.  Keep out of classes and cloakrooms during intervals, unless instructed by their teachers

MOTTO-Use common sense and manners at all times.

Behaviour Code:

The following behaviour is unacceptable at this school:
* disobedience;
* physical violence;
* verbal abuse (teasing and name-calling);
* playing with offensive objects, e.g. sticks;
* dishonesty;
* theft
We expect all parents/caregivers to support the staff in upholding high standards of personal behaviour.