Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement:

Children attending Selwyn Park School will be given the opportunities to develop the skills to make positive life choices, which will enhance their physical, mental, social, cultural and emotional development.

Local Curriculum Goals:

To ensure each year, aspects of Northern Wairoa history, culture and geography are included in classroom programmes;  To encourage local people to share  their knowledge and skills with our pupils.  To provide the senior pupils with the opportunity to be part of a school performing arts group, choir or orchestra.
Each year, to provide parents with an exhibition day where displays of children’s work can be viewed. To promote sportsmanship through the involvement of students in physical education and some sporting endeavour, either individual or in a team. To encourage greater parental involvement in the school. Each child aims to do their personal best. To encourage greater parental involvement in the school. To celebrate all the cultures of all the children that attend the school.