Cross Country

Its cross country time at Selwyn Park School. Everyone is scared and has butterflies. We were at the start all ready to start then 3 2 1 GO! We were doing a slight jog then [...]

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Whangarei tennis tournament 2014

We had to wake up early in the morning to go to the tennis tournament. Broom broom, off we went to Whangarei for our tennis tournament. 'Whack', went my tennis racket over and over again. I won [...]

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Room 1 Racers!

What a great day Room One had up at the high school. This year the juniors joined the seniors for athletics.  My sister Naytcha was exhausted after her activities.

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The close shave

It's neck and neck for second place close third behind the first junior sprinting off but it still decides on speed and focus. Who will come first? Who will come second and who will come third? And [...]

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Speedy Phil

Phill was at the start getting ready for the eighty metre run. Ready steady go!... Boom, Mr Stevens shot the gun, he was running as fast as a cheetah in first place.  He won the eighty [...]

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Fast Phil

   o  Phillip did an amazing job.  He broke two records....woohoo!  He broke the  long jump record and the 8Om sprint!  Way to go Phil.

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What a race!

Close run Azaliyah and Ngahuia. You two are so fast. You two are like cheetahs.

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Tennis Tournament in Whangarei

Northland Tennis Tournament by Carolyn Cole "Vrmm Vrmm," Blackie's bus chugged away from the bus bay. It was Wednesday 12th of November 2014 and a bundle of overexcited children were headed to Whangarei to play [...]

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Saturday Netball Pics 2014

      Some pictures from this seasons netball games. Many thanks to all our coaches and supporters.   

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Rugby and Netball Prizegiving 2014

Rugby and Netball Prizegiving 2014 Here are the prize winners at our Rugby and Netball Prizegiving that was held in our school hall. Netball:  Year 5 and 6 team. Most Improved - Kiarah Flavell Team [...]

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