When we went to the Booby Trap Island. We stopped the pirate ship. We stepped onto the yellow sand. We saw the dangerous forest. We walked into the forest. Jake stepped on to the camouflage dark hole. He fell deep, deep as into it. There were spikes at the bottom. He never got seen again. Then we passed the deep dark hole. There were only 6 of us. We were just running and running. Then Jazz stepped on to the spiky booby trap. We didn’t know it was there. We passed the spiky swords that were underground. Then we were sprinting.

We went out of the dangerous forest. We saw sand and another forest. We walked on the sand. Jack stepped onto the yellow quicksand. We were trying to pull him up but the quicksand was too strong. Then we had to leave him.

We saw a big gap. We were heading right to it. We were trying to find a way around. We saw a big long tree so we cut it down. We stepped on to the big long tree. Jabs was on the side then the tree wiggled. Jabs fell off and died.

We passed the gap and went into the other forest that we had seen before. The dragon saw us. It flew after us. We were running as fast as we could. The dragon was flying as fast as it could. Jane was the slowest so the dragon blew fire at her and ate her.

The dragon was so busy eating Jane so we ran away from the dragon. We were just running and running. We saw an X. Jeff ran to the X and got blown up by the cannon. There was only one remaining and it was me.

I opened the treasure box. There was a golden helmet that made me invisible and a golden sword that turns on fire.