Cross Country 2Its cross country time at Selwyn Park School. Everyone is scared and has butterflies. We were at the start all ready to start then 3 2 1 GO! We were doing a slight jog then we got to the rocks so we ran on the side of the track . When we got up the hill we got a little bit faster until we were on the grass . We got even faster when we were on the grass but the others started to catch up so we ran faster . We got to are first pole then the second then the third . We realised they were so far behind us that we started to jog just to get the air back. But then they caught up but we got to a hill so we ran so fast . When we got to the power pole we knew we were close to the finish so we started to sprint to the end. No stopping but then I got tired so I started to jog the rest . I ended up in second place but I was happy that I was second with a ice block and getting sprayed by the hose.  I made it into Northern Wairoa Cross Country and came tenth there.

Luke Brell